Orang Malu Music Opportunity

Music Producer and audio editor. Video Producer and video editor.
I am capable of working on the spot!
I use drones and camera stabilisation gear and record video in 4K UHD. Record audio in 96 Khz. The latest gear to support that with powerfull laptops and interfaces.
Promotional videos for business use and more possibilities to work with audio and video.

Producing audio and 4K video (on the spot if


Hi there! Just fixed this video and audio. I create all sort of music, from old school funk and rock, piano to electro. This was filmed with the DJI Osmo in 4K. If you can't see in 4K check your settings. (youtube gives you automaticly the quality that your network can handle)
Just upgraded with a new i7 6700k skylake 32 gb and nvidia 970m laptop for working on the spot!

Check out my new production!



Gepost op: 11/11/2015